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Carousel is an online quizzing tool that helps your students to embed knowledge in their long-term memory.

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How it Works


Teachers upload questions covering their curriculum, or use our own question banks.


Students take tests on recently taught material alongside things taught longer ago.


We use spaced repetition algorithms to select questions that will embed knowledge.


The system automarks where possible, saving teachers time.

Why it Works

Retrieval Works.

Tests containing carefully sequenced questions from across a curriculum are a great way to embed knowledge in the long-term memory.

Academics Agree!

Test-enhanced Learning from Roediger & Karpicke (2005) makes clear that “taking memory tests improves long-term retention”.

It's tried and tested.

Co-founder Adam Boxer has been refining the concept in an Excel-based prototype called Retrieval Roulette for over three years.

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  • Department and school accounts.
  • MIS integration.

And much more!

Retrieval Roulettes become Carousel!

Our product has evolved from a spreadsheet pilot called the Retrieval Roulette developed by Adam Boxer with support from the phenomenal CogSciSci community and a range of teachers across the country.

Now, with a grant from Innovate UK, we’re able to take things to the next level, and build a program that will make a huge difference to student learning with minimal hassle for hardworking teachers.

We couldn’t be more grateful for everyone’s input, past, present and future, in devising this product and making sure it meets the needs of teachers and their students.

That’s why we've come up with a way for Roulette users to upload their questions and get started with Carousel quickly and easily.

So to everyone that has used a roulette, contacted us on Twitter or expressed an interest in using the product, THANK YOU!

Thanks to

Carousel is brought to you by

Adam Boxer

Head of Science at Totteridge Academy, co-founder of CogSciSci, and enthusiastic tweeter and Blogger.

Jose Diaz

The founder of Aircury, an awesome software development agency for the education sector, and former Head of Systems at Ark.

Joshua Perry

The edtech entrepreneur who founded Assembly, a schools data platform backed by Ark.

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